Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Many Blessings! :)

“For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength,” 1 Corinthians

Greetings!! I am reading through 1 Corinthians right now, and this verse stood out to me as one that is both humbling and encouraging; because I often rely on my own strength for just day by day things, and also encouraging to know that we always have God to rely on, who had so much more wisdom, to share!

If I had to describe January in one word, it would be encouraging!! J In the middle of December, we had another team from Cote Divoire join our team because of all the political hostility going on. They’re also working with Campus Crusade, and the team is made up of 2 families (2 little boys in each family) and 2 girls around my age. Currently only the 2 girls (M.J. and Elisa) are still in Ghana with us, as one family went home, and the other to France to continue doing ministry in those places. Because we’re not really sure when the government will be at peace again, MJ and Elisa will be joining our team for now, which we’re so excited about!

Also, on January 4th we were able to move out of our old hostel (with little running water, and unreliable power) and into Lemann hostel!! I’m currently in my room right now; it is much bigger, closer to campus, right next to a market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, chicken, etc. and also cheaper! It was built about one year ago, and we are SO happy to be here!! Elisa, MJ, Becca and I are all sharing a big room where we have our own bathroom, balcony, and share 2 bunk beds!

Saving the best for last… we had a vision trip come and visit us on January 2, and they stayed for one week! 5 students from the University of WI La Crosse, and 2 interns led the trip. For the first 3 days, we went sharing in campus and the last 3 days we spent in Cape Coast, where we went on a canopy walk, got a tour of a 500 year old slave castle, visited an orphanage, and also shared the Jesus film! it was jam packed but so much fun to labor along side other Americans for 1 week! We also got to pet an alligator, which was soo cool! It was such a blessing to not only be encouraged by these students, but to also share with them really what it's like to live in Ghana and share our faith here! It went to SO fast!

Life has been so fun here, I feel like I've been getting to enjoy the Lord in all the blessings he's given to us! We simply have more time to spend with him, along with more time to plan for next semester, and also to see more of Ghana! On Friday we'll leave to see more of the water falls that are on the Eastern side of Ghana, in the Volta region. Africa really feels like home to me, sometimes I enjoy living here so much, it scares me, but I think right now, one year will be enough! :) God has really opened my eyes to follow him, however, so I don't know if he'd want me here next year even if I wanted to stay, if that makes sense :)

The Lord has also opened my eyes to how thankful I am for my fmaily and friends! Christmas was pretty hard... because we're so spoiled in America and surrounded by family, I really learned to appreciate these things, and also my teamates here! We spent Christmas Eve at my director's house cooking and eating food, and went to a candle light service at church! Becca is in the choir so that made it more special! On Christmas day, we spent the day with the Cote Divoire team and had pizza for dinner. I got to skype with my family friends, but I can imagine it's never the same being away from home. 

On january 29th, we leave for Malaga, Spain for our Mid year Conference, where we will meet with other STINTers serving in Northern Africa, Europe, and the Middle East! I almost feel bad for going, but i know the lord will be glorified and we will be rejuvinated, ready for the next semester! This will be my first time to Europe... very excited! We will be in meetings and listening to spekers most of the time, but I'm sure we'll have time to enjoy Spain! :)

I am having so much fun here, and the Lord is teaching me a lot about being still before him, and letting him into my life a little more at a time!! Would love to pray for anyone! here is my email katiehanson916@gmail.com, and I put all my pitcures on facebook because it's much quicker, but let me know if you want any and I'll try to send them to you! :)

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